Concrete Age

Location: London (United Kingdom)

Genre: Ethnic Death/Thrash Metal

Concrete Age follows all traditions of true metal at the same time retaining its own individual style. Our music is Thrash & Death metal,driven with harmonious inputs of ethnic melodies which give Concrete Age such mysterious hue. Our songs are filled with instruments from different countries of the world. However, the culture of Tibet takes a special place in our music. Strong and technical riffs are smoothly intertwined with throat singing elements and fascinating whisper singing bowls.
Quoting one music critic’s words:”If this was a different time, these guys would definitely be classified under the so-called “Neo-thrash” tag alongside Hatesphere or Carnal Forge or even Darkane. Their music is more technical melodic death metal, I guess, with a great deal of Eastern ethnic instrumental moments and melodic tendencies.”

This project is driven by one idea: we want to free the listener from the ill-fetters of the modern world. Look around … We are surrounded by a concrete kingdom which kills your soul day by day. There is no place for inner freedom, there is only place for eternal hate. Luckily enough we still have a powerful weapon to help us fight against this madness… And this weapon is music.

Concrete Age takes its roots in the places where the Nature is the centre of everything. These are the places of magical landscapes and boundless horizons where the fresh air is filled with inspiration. Every sound here is reborn into a song, and every song is the beginning of a new life. Sounds like a good place to be at? Then follow us – the Monks of the Concrete Age and  will show you the way to this paradise…


Band members:

Ilia “Frosty J” Morozov- founder, guitar, vocals

Jim Rain- bass, backing vocals

Boris Zahariev- guitar

Niall McCann- drums