It`s time to summon the Gods

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It’s time to shed some light on the history of creating one of the most powerful, in our opinion, tracks from the snake album – Bon.

Bon is the most ancient religious tradition of the planet Earth. According to the Tibetan term, the word “Bon” means “to pronounce magical spells.”

Bon is the indigenous Tibetan pre-Buddhist religion, which is now practiced by many Tibetans in Tibet and India. The founder of the Bon religion was the Lord Tonne Shenrab Miwoche.

“It was necessary to choose the right day and the right time for writing this track.When you create something like that, the most important thing is to write the right lyrics.It is necessary to read a lot of literature devoted to this topic and it is necessary to surround yourself with appropriate music.However, majority of the compositions that we create, regardless of their title, do not carry the goal of thoroughly recounting historical events. The main context of the song Bon is devotion to a certain idea. Since its inception, Bon has experienced a lot of different tests. But even after 18,000 years Bon still has a lot of faithful followers.”
-Frosty j

Since it was recorded, the song Bon became an integral part of our set list. Our audience meets Bon with special enthusiasm because most of the songs sounds much bigger and stronger in our live shows.

Get the Snake album copy here

Also, we have a video of Ilia performing Bon using his new Jackson DR-7

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