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“…The downpour became quieter and the fog which continued to horizon peacefully disappeared leaving behind pleasant coolness. I was facing “IT” – the temple of the sacred spirit. After getting up the courage I took the first step towards the temple. Its doors humbly opened…”

The album is philosophy. “The Temple of the Sacred Spirit” is the benchmark in the sound of the Concrete Age. The album integrates power together with the ethnic elements and deep lyrics emphasising moral values.

Since its release “ The Temple of the Sacred Spirit” remained in top underground metal charts for a long time. Many of the tracks included in the album such as “Hunt”, “Astral”, “Ascetic”, “The Earth is moving” remain a big part of the live shows. Two metal mantras “Om Namo” and “Hari Om” are also enjoying great popularity among the fans.

In short, this album is an ultimate must-have for any admirer of Concrete Age.

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