I stood in front of this giant god-like monster without  slightest fear. The serpent slowly crept up to me and bent down. It was breathing heavily … it looked at me with sad eyes. I heard the words that serpent mentally conveyed to me. “My life has been long and full. I have seen many wonderful things and would like to see many more. If I could … but my time has come. I was blinded by human greed and  thirst for power. I fought with your kind for a long time and I have always been able to protect these beautiful places. But time passed and I became weak. And, finally, the day has come when I need to surrender…But I feel that you are not like the others. So let me give you this.” The snake held a fragile scroll in her teeth. “If you can acquire this knowledge, then perhaps you can get rid of the curse which lies on the human race …”

“The Totem of the Great Snake pt.II: Covenant” is the album with beautiful story. The recording of the album was done in a very interesting way. In order to give the album more fabulous atmosphere, band’s founder, Ilia, had to travel back to Russia and visit his native places. While all of the instrumental parts were recorded in London, most of the vocal parts were completed in the South of Russia (Stavropol region). These are the places where back in 2012 Ilia with the original line up recorded the very first album – “Time to Awake”. Also, for the first time you will be able to hear some guitar parts which were played by the new guitarist – Boris Zahariev. His style of guitar playing was very suitable for this album.

So, if you enjoyed the first part of the Snake album then this Album is definitely the right choice for you!