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Under the gloomy skies of city purgatory we proudly carry charred pages of the arcane testament. A faceless crowd is coming towards us like a gigantic landslide. The crowd does not seem to be reacting to anything, however, our quirky appearance draws their attention mixed with bewilderment. They’ve got ice-cold presence. Above this lacklustre scenery hangs the concrete Sun. Like a colossal conveyor belt it processes all newcomers leaving only the shells. We,too,live with one foot in that reality…but the sharp pain in the palms of our hands makes us change direction. We are still alive…We keep breathing. The blaze of the testament…we will never forget this burn.

Album “Under the concrete Sun” was released in the first year of the band’s relocation. Too many events had happened in such a short period of time. The band went through fundamental configurations with the founding frontman remaining the only member of the original lineup. Ethnic component of music became overshadowed which helped to focus on and enhance greatly the technical side. It was due to this album that the band demonstrated a different side of their music. The album presents a lot of modern inputs and unusual time signatures. It also features catchy and melodic delivery of choruses in tracks such as “Palace of God”, “Through the valley of the Dead”, “Defeated by the beast” which became the calling cards for the band on numerous radio stations across Europe.