Where the concrete cracked…

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A small town in the South of Russia. Paradise surrounded by endless mountainous landscapes, crystal lakes and springs. Bright Sun above the head, warm wind caressing the skin and slow paced lifestyle. This place is full of inspiration. So it happened to me, the founder of the Сoncrete Temple – Ilya Morozov (Vocalist, Guitarist, Composer).

Concrete Age is not my first project. I’d played in various local metal bands as well as orchestras and folk ensembles. Without wasting any time I gained experience, accumulated my strength and ideas for my own project. When the time came I was ready to share my thoughts and feelings but still needed to find true warriors. That was when I faced first difficulties. When you a musician living in a small town you will most likely come across the lack of like-minded musicians. But, as you know, the water grinds stone, and the long search has proved fruitful. The first band members of CA were my elder brother Alex (who while being a true guitar master had to learn to play bass) and the drummer from my previous folk metal band. At that time our sound was completely different to what it is these days. The old sound was more like a mixture of industrial and old school thrash.

The main influence on the change in sound of CA was the picturesque location where we lived, our thirst for knowledge and immense interest in the founder of the culture of Tibet. In addition to the love for heavy music, I also took great interest in meditative music and mantras. I had an idea to combine two seemingly incompatible genres, that was how the ethnic experiment began. The first most successful compositions in this new to us then genre were Voices of Nations, Nature Calls and The King. You can listen to these songs here.

Gradually, this music style became an inner need and a way of life for me. Many things have changed, the band has relocated. Now Concrete Age are based in London, where we successfully continue our musical career. We managed to play with such metal giants like Vader, Hate Eternal, Arkona and other bands. But we constantly look for new ideas. Every significant situation in my life is converted into a composition. Every scenario of each track is my story presented in the form of a parable. Myself, like many of us, am now in captivity of this Conсrete jungle. But I still remember those endless mountains, ancient temples and the smell of morning dew and I’m here, my dear friend, to tell you about those places and take you on possibly one of you most memorable journeys.

To have some idea of what I was talking about you can listen one of Concrete Age recent album “The Totem of the Great Snake Pt I”, click this link.

Thank you for being a listener and for making it all matter.

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